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Helvetia’s Dream

Fascinating video/time-lapse done by Allessandro Della Bella about the most beautiful spots in Switzerland’s mountains by nighttime.


100 years of Swiss graphic design

This expo offers more than just the Helvetica font and is definitely worth a visit if you are in Zurich. – still runs until 3 June 2012.

Swiss graphic design – one of the country’s leading products – is encountered everywhere. While a single individual style cannot be identified, a certain common approach is evident. This is revealed in the striking awareness of quality in the works, in the skilled handcraft, as well as in the precision and reduction to essentials. Graphic design from Switzerland reflects both international trends and local qualities; irony and wit are its constant companions. The view of one hundred years of graphic design shows both the diversity of current visual communication as well as the fine lines of tradition that connect works from different epochs. Alongside the poster and smaller items of printed matter, the show also includes outstanding examples from advertising and information graphics, typography, signage or book design, design objects that relate to graphic design, as well as selected striking advertising spots, and works for web design. Many objects come from the museum’s own collection.

Wallpaper* cuts with Victorinox

If I think of a Swiss Army Knife a remember my time at the army (an obligation in Switzerland).. not good this is. But hey, it is at the same time a solid Swiss product and can be very practical if you think of MacGyver. Further, Wallpaper* now shows in a cooperation with the designers James Joyce and Jamie Cullen, that a Swiss Army Knife can even look quite fancy. Run to the Victorinox store at Bond Street in London and buy one (£70)!

1. Swiss Music Awards: Vote Now!

Who thinks Switzerland is too small for its own Music Awards is wrong: On 27. February 2008 the first Swiss Music Awards are going to elect the best Swiss artists on the Kaufleuten stage in Zurich. However, the Swiss Awards emerged not without any reason are just because it is fancy to have Music Awards. In my opinion, since a while there lies some kind of strengthened “Swiss-feeling” in the air. This may come from our national football team which do not play too bad at the World Championship in Germany last year or because of the forthcoming European Championship in Switzerland. : ) But most of all it emerged from the risen quantity of quality music material of Swiss artists as it can be seen from the Swiss charts where our Swiss rockstars are placed more and more in the top ten. ‘Nuff said – Vote!


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