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Salesforce Acquires Buddy Media for $689 Million

Buddy Media currently works with “nearly 1,000 of the world’s largest companies,” including brands such as Virgin Mobile, HP, Matte and L’Oreal.

“The idea behind the deal is simple. By combining Buddy Media with the rest of’s products, including Salesforce Radian6, the leading social media listening platform, we will be able to deliver the first comprehensive Marketing Cloud that will allow customers to listen, engage, gain insight, publish, advertise and measure social marketing programs,” wrote Buddy Media founder and CEO Michael Lazerow in a postcommenting on the acquisition.

It’s an interesting time for social media management platforms. Just last month, Salesforce’s rival Oracle snapped up Vitrue for $300 million. Like Buddy Media, Vitrue focuses on helping brands manage their social media presence using CRM-like tools and dashboards.

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Facebook to add users’ locations to updates

It has updated its privacy policy to use the term ‘Place’ when describing its location-based service ahead of the launch of the feature. The update will provide a link to any Facebook page possessed by the owner of the location, such as a coffee shop.

It has just been a question of time until this new parameter will be included in the status update/on Facebook. Now, what happens with FourSquare and Gowalla? I think this will be a serious threat to their existence.


twitter your album review

Twitter all over the place right now. Everyone has his twitter feed and idem do artists. Consequently, today’s musicians have a myspace page, a facebook group/profile, a blog, a profile, a flickr photostream and a twitter feed. .. and probably an official web page.

Moby just released his 9th studio album (“wait for me”) and let fans write reviews via twitter. Twitter users just post your review starting with @thelittleidiot and ending with #waitforme. Further, the most creative review wins an original ‘Wait for Me’ artork by Moby!

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I share, therefore I am.

Is there any social something?

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Data portability between social networks

Data portability aims to have an open standard which allows the user to have one profile across all the social networks like Facebook, WordPress, MySpace, and all the others. “As users, our identity, photos, videos and other forms of personal data should be discoverable by, and shared between our chosen (and trusted) tools or vendors.” Dataportability supports APML (Attention Profiling Mark-up Language), a mark-up language which compresses all our “attention data”, quasi our meta data, into one file.

From the marketers point of view, I am not quite sure about the idea of data portability because I think the big players like Facebook have huge communities and most of all the profile details of all the users. Therefore, I do not think that they want to share these details with other communities. However, it could be a new way to even better detect customer’s needs and thus customize services.

Check out this cool video about data portability:

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