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moby at tate modern

twitter your album review

Twitter all over the place right now. Everyone has his twitter feed and idem do artists. Consequently, today’s musicians have a myspace page, a facebook group/profile, a blog, a profile, a flickr photostream and a twitter feed. .. and probably an official web page.

Moby just released his 9th studio album (“wait for me”) and let fans write reviews via twitter. Twitter users just post your review starting with @thelittleidiot and ending with #waitforme. Further, the most creative review wins an original ‘Wait for Me’ artork by Moby!

(via moby/journal)

empire state cloud

Today I found this wonderful picture taken by moby. It looks indeed like it was taken in the 40’s/50’s. Read the context to it on his blog.

Moby’s new style

This morning I watched the new video for “Alice” by Moby on This video is so weird, not to say satanically coloured, that it just does not align with the previous videos of Moby. And the track itself is just boring. Moby will release his sixth studio album “last night” on 31st March (uk) & 1st April (usa) 2008.

moby alice

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