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Dropbox re-designs webpage and partners up with HTC

Dropbox Redesigns WebsiteDropbox has pared down its website to allow users who visit their Web accounts to navigate it more easily. It’s the latest in a series of small changes and additions Dropbox has announced, following the auto-update Android app feature for photos and a partnership with HTC for the HTC One phones.

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Square: Accept credit cards with your mobile phone

The payment solutions of Square caught my attention today, especially the second product “Cardcase”. Anyone experiences with it?

Square credit card app

Square Cardcase

problems finding your ringtone?

The following flow chart might help you finding your personal ringtone – it is important!


I share, therefore I am.

Faster Google search app for Smartphones

A new Google search application for Nokia phones makes getting to the search box and receiving results much faster, Google said Thursday on its blog. The app shortcut is embedded on the phone’s idle homescreen, so you can search without launching a browser.

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Gmail on BlackBerry

 googlemail Long time no post, which is related to my start on the new job.

However, I have just fixed my Gmail problem on my BlackBerry (BB). It is not a major thing, also probably a “rookie-to-bb” issue, but very useful to know as it affects the Gmail and Gmaps applications. I downloaded the apps via and all went smoothly. When I filled in the username and password, however, the message “Network Error: java.lang.Runtime Exception: Unexpected server response: 401 Unauthorized.” appeared.

To fix this problem you have to go to Options > Advanced Options > TCP: set APN to orangeinternet, (leave username and password

That is all… My BB journey has just started but I hope I will not have many issues with it : )

(thanks to Rob Bevan)

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