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twitter your album review

Twitter all over the place right now. Everyone has his twitter feed and idem do artists. Consequently, today’s musicians have a myspace page, a facebook group/profile, a blog, a profile, a flickr photostream and a twitter feed. .. and probably an official web page.

Moby just released his 9th studio album (“wait for me”) and let fans write reviews via twitter. Twitter users just post your review starting with @thelittleidiot and ending with #waitforme. Further, the most creative review wins an original ‘Wait for Me’ artork by Moby!

(via moby/journal)

New Blog

Welcome to my new blog! As most of you know I have an other blog which I set up for my internship in London from May to August 2007. Writing posts and using various media to share my thoughts with friends and other people is great!

So I decided to open a new blog. I will post things from the fields of graphics & design, architecture, technology, business, advertising, travel, music… or just things that inspire me. 🙂 The Internet is an amazing source of creativity and knowledge where valuable inputs can be found. Therefore I would like to share and archive my findings in a central point. Since my blog is in English this additionally will keep me using my English skills and even enhance them.

Long story, simple idea. 🙂


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