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Anthm: make your own jukebox with friends

Just recently I was in a situation where I was discussing with a friend that it would be cool to have the Jukebox option at a party.

Well, here is one solution to it! Anthm is a nice little app that lets you start a song queue where friends can throw in their records chosen from Rdio‘s library of millions of songs. Perfect would be if the app at least also inter-operates with the Android OS.

Check the video to see how it works.


windows phone 7 series

Windows 7 has no killer feature.. nothing is new and I am not all that sure if the x-box live access is really an argument for ms phone users. However, the GUI is quite nice and does not look like a copied iPhone GUI (like Android). On track to catch up with iPhone, Android and meego?

More videos about microsoft phone in their youtube channel.

iDon’t: Motorola Droid .. and the answer to it.

Verizon Wireless’s commercial for the Motorola Droid which is said to be released November 6th, 2009:


.. and the answer to it:


Why did I chose this title for the following video? For the reason that if Microsoft would make the features as accessible as Apple does, the users would use them and would know about the power of their products. However, simplicity for me means that the features are easy accessible which comes from a intuitive way of leading the user. As a consequence, if you have an iPhone in your hand you appreciate it straight away.

The following video shows an experiment where random people, which never have used Windows Vista, can have a look at the new Microsoft OS “Mojave” – which is in fact Windows Vista. They are excited about the features 😉 Naturally, these are people which have never used Vista, but even people which have used Vista would be surprised about the features.

(via frogblog)

Would you sacrifice your summer hols for queuing for the 3G iPhone?

… I wouldn’t. But the guys in the following video queue since the independence day, one week before the official launch. Not only to be the first, but also to have new world record.


iPhone will catch up in the business segment

The iPhone is in my opinion still a fancy, glossy, slick device which properly fulfil basic daily needs like making phone calls, sending text messages, listening to music or do some  surfing etc. Which is fine for residential customers. Nevertheless, iPhone lacks of some essential features compared to devices from Nokia or SonyEricsson, to say the least – not to think about push technology. Now a survey made by ChangeWave, however, shows some interesting facts about company’s device plans for the future. It seems that Apple’s iPhone will be close on BlackBerry‘s heels ; )

Apple will soon take the second place slot in business smartphone ranking, according to ChangeWave, with 11 percent of respondents saying their companies plan to purchase iPhones.

Read the full article here.

Motorola: Sales down a third

rkr While market leader Nokia boosted its revenues by 67% in 2007, the handset sales of Motorola dropped in 2007 by one third. This mainly due to a poor product portfolio where their two cash cows Razr and Rokr models have not been generating enough revenues anymore. Understandable for me, with their antiquated user interface compared to SonyEricsson, Nokia or Samsung… not to mention the UI of the iPhone. As a consequence the appearance of the slim Razr alone is not enough and customers change their handset preferences. Motorola now expressed its indication to develop a fresh product portfolio which is much needed!

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