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Blood brother trailer

“Blood Brother” is a documentary movie about the young American Rocky Braat travelling through India to make an impact by helping HIV infected children. The trailer is moving and promise a wonderful documentary.

Blood Brother is the story of group of children infected with HIV and Rocky Braat, a disenchanted young American drifting through India. He wanted to save them all, but in reality he couldn’t cure even one of them. He had to stay. It’s a hard life. He faces opposition in many forms. He lives in a concrete hut. Sometimes, he is close to despair. But working with the kids gives him a sense of purpose. The truth is, he needs them as much as they need him. They teach him, daily, that love is the only thing that makes life worth living.


India generates 40% of Vodafone’s mobile usage volume

vf This headline in the Economic Times really caught my eyes. The 7th biggest country in the world generates 40% of Vodafone‘s mobile usage volume! If we take into consideration that Vodafone serves 30 countries worldwide this figure is even more impressive. Let’s take a closer view: For Q4 Vodafone globally recorded 115.7 billion minutes of usage, out of which India accounted for 43.3 billion minutes.

Especially for Q4 India was virtually responsible for Vodafone’s minutes increase of 10.9 billion minutes. Consider this: Globally, for the Vodafone group, the mobile voice usage volume rose by 10.9 billion minutes during the quarter-ended December 2007. India has contributed 86% of this increase. Put simply, cellular usage volumes increased by 9.4 billion minutes in its Indian entity alone. Not surprisingly, India is now ahead of Germany as their largest customer base and at the same time the highest potential for expansion.

(via economic times)

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