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nice graphics, sad subject

Just found following graphics on flickr done by Luke Bott. Then, I found also this flickr group and this t-shirt design competition on creative allies with graphics related to BP and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico (submission close 31 August). The winner of the t-shirt competition gets $ 100 and his shirts go on sale. All profits will go to the Gulf Restoration Network (GRN).


Eyjafjallajökull coverage on flickr

I found some impressive coverage on flickr.

just a wonderful picture…

… which increases my need of spring/summer even more!

photo taken by yyellowbird.

(via flickr)

aesthetics of failure

Nice collection on flickr of photos which are the results of a miscarried photo processing, of having accidentally dropped the camera, of the end of the film or just of experiments.


Cute idea…

Found on: flickr

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