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Facebook to add users’ locations to updates

It has updated its privacy policy to use the term ‘Place’ when describing its location-based service ahead of the launch of the feature. The update will provide a link to any Facebook page possessed by the owner of the location, such as a coffee shop.

It has just been a question of time until this new parameter will be included in the status update/on Facebook. Now, what happens with FourSquare and Gowalla? I think this will be a serious threat to their existence.


Noch einzeln?

Finding of the day (sorry, only for the German speaking fellows):

Today, I found this advertisement on Facebook which made me smile. Obviously, they use automated translation since almost everything is wrong. The last sentence (“Schliessen Sie sich 100% frei heute an!”) is brilliant! 🙂

Add to friends t-shirt

Nowadays everybody is on Facebook and it seems like the platform even overtakes our real life. You are know able to add friends directly on the street!


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Facebook under pressure to remove Scrabulous

Mattel has asked Facebook to remove a popular application on the site called Scrabulous.s

Based on Scrabble, the word game application has been downloaded by over 2.5m Facebook users, but Mattel which owns the brand in Europe has complained to the social network of copyright infringement.

Two young developers created the application, the pair reportedly earn up to £6,500 ($13,000) in revenue from it each month.

Campaign groups to save the game have already attracted thousands of Facebook users.

(via NMA)

Facebook apps

Facebook has a vast amount of applications in store… but the vast majority is useless in my opinion. But the fact that all the application come from third parties is impressing and aligns completely with the idea of Web 2.0. Nevertheless, you already have a mess on your “dashboard” (when you logged in) if you have more than 20 active friends. However, with the announcement of Google’s OpenSocial more applications will come and most of all it will be easier for developers to create applications for various social sites such as Facebook, Ning, Hi5 and more by working with one single API.

socioapps With the rapidly growing number of social apps you better keep track of SocioApps, a London based web development team working on social application mainly for Facebook but also develops for other communities by using OpenSocial.

I am now going to remove the “Which Friends Character Are You?” because I do not think that I have the character of Monica 🙂

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