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Zaha Hadid did it again

In 1998 the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage published an international call for tenders for MAXXI, the new museum of contemporary art on the outskirt’s of Rome’s historic quarter. Among 273 candidates Zaha Hadid Architects convinced the jury yet another time with a spectacular concept to integrate the modern architecture perfectly into the city’s urban structure. The museum opened last Saturday.

More pictures on the NYTimes webpage.

(via NYTimes)

Wallpaper* cuts with Victorinox

If I think of a Swiss Army Knife a remember my time at the army (an obligation in Switzerland).. not good this is. But hey, it is at the same time a solid Swiss product and can be very practical if you think of MacGyver. Further, Wallpaper* now shows in a cooperation with the designers James Joyce and Jamie Cullen, that a Swiss Army Knife can even look quite fancy. Run to the Victorinox store at Bond Street in London and buy one (£70)!

lovely package

I noticed that more and more blogs about packaging pop into the web. Most of them talk about nice designs and graphics, some about the functional aspects and rather fewer about the ecological thoughts when designing packaging. Since I love nice and clever designs and often buy goods just because of the design, I love to browse through these blogs and discover what other packaging is out there. – is one of them.

Sevva Bar & Restaurant, Hong Kong

This breathtaking view is not a rendering but a bar in Hong Kong. The terrace belongs to the sevva bar on the 25th-floor penthouse of the Prince’s Building. Privileged with an amazing view over Hong Kong’s harbor one can enjoy drinks, live music and tapas. Prices ranges from $25-$100 (meal cost per person) according to the Trip Adviser website.

Business Cards

The fact that I am currently applying for a job prompts for the first blog entry: Business Cards. I have thought that it would be a good idea to create a business card, although I think that it is kind of odd to have a business card without a company on it… However, “dailypoetics” has an awesome collection of very creative business cards. Here are some examples:

The whole set on flickr >>

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