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Faster Google search app for Smartphones

A new Google search application for Nokia phones makes getting to the search box and receiving results much faster, Google said Thursday on its blog. The app shortcut is embedded on the phone’s idle homescreen, so you can search without launching a browser.

(via moconews)


Facebook under pressure to remove Scrabulous

Mattel has asked Facebook to remove a popular application on the site called Scrabulous.s

Based on Scrabble, the word game application has been downloaded by over 2.5m Facebook users, but Mattel which owns the brand in Europe has complained to the social network of copyright infringement.

Two young developers created the application, the pair reportedly earn up to £6,500 ($13,000) in revenue from it each month.

Campaign groups to save the game have already attracted thousands of Facebook users.

(via NMA)

Business Cards

The fact that I am currently applying for a job prompts for the first blog entry: Business Cards. I have thought that it would be a good idea to create a business card, although I think that it is kind of odd to have a business card without a company on it… However, “dailypoetics” has an awesome collection of very creative business cards. Here are some examples:

The whole set on flickr >>

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