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Seen in London last week.

Louis Vuitton’s first TV ad

The first time in the long history, the luxury brand Louis Vuitton launches a TV ad. From tomorrow on you will see the spot in television and cinema. It seems that the audience reach was not enough… or due to the vast amount of duplicates around the globe they trying to add more emotions to the brand, which can be perfectly done via television. In my opinion, however, they better have left it because the spot has not touched me at all. The spot just does not correspond with the brand… no emotions, poor soundtrack, too lame… I would not notice it in TV. The quality of the pictures is good though.

Diesel: Live fast


Advertising Agency : Marcel, Paris, France
Executive Creative Directorx: Frederic Temin, Anne de Maupeou
Art Director: Nicolas Chauvin, Romin Favre
Copywriters: Eric Jannon, Dimitri Guerassimov
Photographer: Laurie Bartley

(via ibelieveinadvertising)

Vans Finger Fracture for iPhone

Okay, I am probably not the biggest iPhone fan… But Vans Finger Fracture really caught my eyes and just for applications like this one I would consider to buy one. 🙂 A perfect combination of in-game advertising, entertainment and utilising fully the capabilities of the large touch screen. Unfortunately, it is still in conception state, but maybe soon available. Check out this sneak previews.

(via trendwatch)

Coca Cola: Happiness Factory online

I guess most of you know this great ad of Coca-Cola, one of my very favourite:



Now the popular Coca Cola Happiness Factory is online where you can apply for a job and work at the factory. You can choose between various characters which are made of marvelous graphics…


Red Bull: Last Will

Allusion to Anna Nicole Smith?

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