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Super Bowl Ads 2008

Okay, the New York Giants won against the New England Patriots… but who cares? I love advertisements and therefore the ads at the Super Bowl are more important for me. Just great! Enjoy! Some of my favourites:

Bud Light: The Language of Love

E*TADE: Baby Trading

What is Love, Pepsi MAX
Stone Circle,
Carrier Pigeons, FedEx
Breathe Fire, Bud Light
Unexpected Obstacles, Bridgestone
Ability to Fly, Bud Light
Napoleon, Garmin
Interview, Tide to Go
Piranha, Audi
Super Bowl, Victoria’s Secret

Bill Gates’ Last Day at Microsoft

How could Bill Gates‘ last day at Microsoft be like? He simply asked friends to prepare him for this historic day: Brian Williams, Jay, Bono, Steven Spielberg, Jon Stuart, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Al Gore and more.

This video was shown at his keynote speech at the CES 2008:

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