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Video 2.0: Daft Punk video with the help of 250 fan cams

Daft Punk‘s “Around the World / Harder Better Faster Stronger” performed in Brooklyn for the Alive 2007 show. Directed by Olivier Gondry, with footage from 250 fan cameras in the audience! Great!

(via urlgreyhot)

Motorola: Sales down a third

rkr While market leader Nokia boosted its revenues by 67% in 2007, the handset sales of Motorola dropped in 2007 by one third. This mainly due to a poor product portfolio where their two cash cows Razr and Rokr models have not been generating enough revenues anymore. Understandable for me, with their antiquated user interface compared to SonyEricsson, Nokia or Samsung… not to mention the UI of the iPhone. As a consequence the appearance of the slim Razr alone is not enough and customers change their handset preferences. Motorola now expressed its indication to develop a fresh product portfolio which is much needed!

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