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2012: The Year in Graphics

Great work by NYT. Graphics and interactives from a year that included an election, the Olympics and a devastating hurricane. A selection of the graphics presented include information about how they were created. HERE

2012: The Year in Graphics



I am sure you have read about this 23 year old guy, he’s an incredible talent and does not only elute basketball fans after his 38 points in the game against the Lakers. The Knicks try to hold up with merchandising as online sales rocket by over 3000% through Lin!

CNNMoney (article) writes that Asian-American basketball and media phenom Jeremy Lin now filed the term “Linsanity” for trademark. “Lin’s trademark application includes more than 50 consumer products on which he would own the rights to “Linsanity.” However, Krugman said even if someone tries to file for a trademark on a product not named in Lin’s application, there’s a good chance he would be able to block the competing application given the breadth of items in his own filing.¬†Lin merchandise¬†has become some of the hottest items in the world of sports, though it’s so recent that hard sales figures are not yet available.”

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