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Facebook to add users’ locations to updates

It has updated its privacy policy to use the term ‘Place’ when describing its location-based service ahead of the launch of the feature. The update will provide a link to any Facebook page possessed by the owner of the location, such as a coffee shop.

It has just been a question of time until this new parameter will be included in the status update/on Facebook. Now, what happens with FourSquare and Gowalla? I think this will be a serious threat to their existence.


MGMT’s new track

The new song by psych-rock duo MGMT features flutes, horns, and about seven different sections that reference doo-wop, old school rock’n’roll, electro balladry, Ariel Pink-style lo-fi, wall-of-Spector pop, and the Beatles at their most high. All in four minutes and sixteen seconds! (Via MGMT’s site.)

Listen to the song on

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