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National Geographic: International Photography Contest 2009

Some really amazing photographs from the International Photography Contest by National Geographic. Mouse over the picture to see the story to it.

Nazroo, a mahout (elephant driver), poses for a portrait while taking his elephant, Rajan, out for a swim in front of Radha Nagar Beach in Havelock, Andaman Islands. Rajan is one of the few elephants in Havelock that can swim, so when he is not dragging timber in the forest he is used as a tourist attraction. The relationship between the mahout and his elephant usually lasts for their entire lives, creating an extremely strong tie between the animal and the human being. (Photo and caption by Cesare Naldi)

This is about one hour of firefly activity near my home in rural Ontario. The precision of the background star trails is an interesting contrast to the chaotic pattern of the firefly flashes. (Photo and caption by Steve Irvine)

When the wave conditions are right a wave appears, infrequently, as a result of the splash back off the cliff connecting with an incoming wave. This causes the incoming wave to pop up, creating fan-like shapes. On this particular day, over the two hours I spent on the rocks, this wave only appeared once. This is that shot. (Photo and caption by Aaron Feinberg) 

On the final leg of a six-week United States of America road trip, I was driving east across Interstate 40 when a spot storm with golf ball-sized hail struck. A sign near Groom, Texas, announcing the "largest cross in the western hemisphere" explained the large crucifix Id been wondering about for miles on the highway; it seemed like an OK place to wait out the storm. On my way to getting stuck in the mud and a giant double rainbow, I saw this silhouetted view of the cross, splitting the sunny sky from the stormy plains. (Photo and caption by Brad Maule)

All pictures here.

Zaha Hadid did it again

In 1998 the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage published an international call for tenders for MAXXI, the new museum of contemporary art on the outskirt’s of Rome’s historic quarter. Among 273 candidates Zaha Hadid Architects convinced the jury yet another time with a spectacular concept to integrate the modern architecture perfectly into the city’s urban structure. The museum opened last Saturday.

More pictures on the NYTimes webpage.

(via NYTimes)

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