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Press freedom index

Reporters Without Borders just released its 2009 Press Freedom Index, a ranking of countries based on how shamelessly they screw with the Fourth Estate.

Obama has had a positive effect: America leapt up 20 places to number 20. Italy, Spain, and France are all in the 40s and each slipped a few places. Israel sank 47 places and, for the first time, lost its lead among Middle Eastern countries thanks to its crack down on the media last winter. Iran is now down in North Korea territory. And the Scandinavian countries lead the pack.

I could think of a reason why Italy lost position.

1-20 150-175
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iDon’t: Motorola Droid .. and the answer to it.

Verizon Wireless’s commercial for the Motorola Droid which is said to be released November 6th, 2009:


.. and the answer to it:

50 years of exploration

Wow, this info graphic made look – this is stunning! Captured on the graphic are nearly 200 both failed and successful missions in our planetary system.

[view it in original size]

(via, orignal source: national geographic)

Wallpaper* cuts with Victorinox

If I think of a Swiss Army Knife a remember my time at the army (an obligation in Switzerland).. not good this is. But hey, it is at the same time a solid Swiss product and can be very practical if you think of MacGyver. Further, Wallpaper* now shows in a cooperation with the designers James Joyce and Jamie Cullen, that a Swiss Army Knife can even look quite fancy. Run to the Victorinox store at Bond Street in London and buy one (£70)!

Online advertising ‘overtakes TV’ (UK)

Online advertising spending in the UK has overtaken television expenditure for the first time, a report has said. Online spending grew 4.6% to £1.752bn in the first half of 2009, while TV spending shrank 16.1% to £1.639bn. […]

Quite impressive to see that companies spent more on online advertisement than on the TV channel. Justin Pearse from NMA pointed out that this overtake is mainly due to the stormy times companies currently face. However, in the end what really matters is the effectiveness of every spent pound.

(via bbc news)

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