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Sevva Bar & Restaurant, Hong Kong

This breathtaking view is not a rendering but a bar in Hong Kong. The terrace belongs to the sevva bar on the 25th-floor penthouse of the Prince’s Building. Privileged with an amazing view over Hong Kong’s harbor one can enjoy drinks, live music and tapas. Prices ranges from $25-$100 (meal cost per person) according to the Trip Adviser website.

Ikea launches telephony, internet services in Spain

Swedish group Ikea will launch fixed, mobile telephony and internet services on the Spanish market in the coming weeks. The services will be launched in partnership with Telefonica, British Telecom and Vodafone, local newspaper El Economista reports. Leveraging Vodafone Spain’s mobile network, Ikea will launch a MVNO service, under the Ventaja Movil (Mobile Advantage) brand name. For EUR 10 per month, Ventaja Movil customers will receive free mobile calls, with no call set-up fee, within the operator’s network. National calls to other mobile operator’s networks will be charged EUR 0.10 per minute, plus the call set-up fee of EUR 0.15. Additionally, Ikea will offer discounted prices on mobile phone purchases for customers who choose to port their mobile numbers to Ventaja Movil. Continue reading ‘Ikea launches telephony, internet services in Spain’

Schwarzenegger’s budget battle

Not sure if this is the right approach. Made me laugh… rather unexpected on a Sunday morning.

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groovy dancing girl

While browsing through Daft Punk videos I found the following video through synopse. It’s a girl dancing along Daft Punk’s track “Harder Better Faster Stronger”. This video made me laugh – great! … makes the track even more groovy. 🙂

(via synopse)

just a wonderful picture…

… which increases my need of spring/summer even more!

photo taken by yyellowbird.

(via flickr)

Water needed to produce 1 litre of beverage (litres)

Quite surprising how much water is needed to just produce some of our daily goods. This already gives a precise idea of the value of water (and of how much it will increase in the future).

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