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adidas Originals: Games

Another great commercial from adidas. Sports, not taken too serious… ; )

Agency: 180 Amsterdam (180 /TBWA Alliance)


Word cannot edit the Unknown

More funny failures here.

iPhone will catch up in the business segment

The iPhone is in my opinion still a fancy, glossy, slick device which properly fulfil basic daily needs like making phone calls, sending text messages, listening to music or do some  surfing etc. Which is fine for residential customers. Nevertheless, iPhone lacks of some essential features compared to devices from Nokia or SonyEricsson, to say the least – not to think about push technology. Now a survey made by ChangeWave, however, shows some interesting facts about company’s device plans for the future. It seems that Apple’s iPhone will be close on BlackBerry‘s heels ; )

Apple will soon take the second place slot in business smartphone ranking, according to ChangeWave, with 11 percent of respondents saying their companies plan to purchase iPhones.

Read the full article here.

Google Zurich

Ever wanted to have look into the Google offices in Zurich? Last thursday, journlist had the chance to walk through the google zurich. Here a video from a Heute journalist (in Swiss German ; ) Have a look>

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Winter Music Conference: Vote Now!

The nominees of this years conference are ready to vote. There is no surprise really… so a bunch of world class artists which does not make it easy to choose from. At this point I take the chance to highlight DANCE DEPARTMENT in the podcast category as it is by far the best! I could not understand why they did not win last year… So think twice when you place your vote ; ) Vote here.

Coke Zero: Life As It Should Be

I have always liked the strategy of Coke Zero and with it the commercials. Now, during halftime of todays Champions League match, I saw the following spot of Coke Zero. Just great!


Nice graphics on this chocolate tin of the 1970‘s. Nevertheless I doubt that it tastes like Swiss chocolate powder.

Uploaded by Neato Coolville

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