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Outlook: Nokia Concept Phone

Looking forward to coming technologies is always fun. : ) Now Nokia, along with researchers at the University of Cambridge in England, has created an animated video describing a vision for bendable and highly intelligent mobile devices. This slick devices is called Morph and represents the capabilities of Nanotechnology. Enjoy!


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Olay: Correct your Age

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Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Russia

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Faster Google search app for Smartphones

A new Google search application for Nokia phones makes getting to the search box and receiving results much faster, Google said Thursday on its blog. The app shortcut is embedded on the phone’s idle homescreen, so you can search without launching a browser.

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Future archaeology


Meet the world

Icaro Doria is Brazilian, 25 and has been working for the magazine Grande Reportagem, in Lisbon, Portugal, for the last 3 years. He is part of the team (with Luis Silva Dias, João Roque, Andrea Vallenti and João Roque) that produced the flags campaign which has been circulating the Earth in chain letters via e-mail.

Icaro gave us a small statement about the campaign, translated by Isabell Erdmann:
The magazine Revista Grande Reportagem is a Hard Journalism magazine, on the same line as the Times. The idea was to bring across the concept that the magazine offers profound journalism about topics of real importance to the world of today. Read more… See more…

Gmail on BlackBerry

 googlemail Long time no post, which is related to my start on the new job.

However, I have just fixed my Gmail problem on my BlackBerry (BB). It is not a major thing, also probably a “rookie-to-bb” issue, but very useful to know as it affects the Gmail and Gmaps applications. I downloaded the apps via and all went smoothly. When I filled in the username and password, however, the message “Network Error: java.lang.Runtime Exception: Unexpected server response: 401 Unauthorized.” appeared.

To fix this problem you have to go to Options > Advanced Options > TCP: set APN to orangeinternet, (leave username and password

That is all… My BB journey has just started but I hope I will not have many issues with it : )

(thanks to Rob Bevan)

Louis Vuitton’s first TV ad

The first time in the long history, the luxury brand Louis Vuitton launches a TV ad. From tomorrow on you will see the spot in television and cinema. It seems that the audience reach was not enough… or due to the vast amount of duplicates around the globe they trying to add more emotions to the brand, which can be perfectly done via television. In my opinion, however, they better have left it because the spot has not touched me at all. The spot just does not correspond with the brand… no emotions, poor soundtrack, too lame… I would not notice it in TV. The quality of the pictures is good though.

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