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FIFA Streets 3: Nice viral movie

This is a nice viral movie to promote the new FIFA Streets 3 game. I really enjoy football skills (although these are clearly faked) and I am looking forward to the Euro ’08 in Switzerland.

Add to friends t-shirt

Nowadays everybody is on Facebook and it seems like the platform even overtakes our real life. You are know able to add friends directly on the street!


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Video 2.0: Daft Punk video with the help of 250 fan cams

Daft Punk‘s “Around the World / Harder Better Faster Stronger” performed in Brooklyn for the Alive 2007 show. Directed by Olivier Gondry, with footage from 250 fan cameras in the audience! Great!

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IKEA: Bedrooms

Ikea does a great job when it comes to online advertising. You may remember the legendary advert of their dream kitchens where one can virtually turning around the “show room” or the second one of kitchen series.

Now they launched an ad for bedrooms, where you can have an insight into various life and of course bedrooms. The bedrooms scenes are filmed in slow motion as a contrast to the hectic working day.


Meeting creatures

This entry of randsinrepose made me smile. I bookmarked it with Google Notebook a while ago… So these are the typically creatures in a meeting:

The Anchor
Slogan: “It’s all about me”

The Anchor is the big cheese. This is the person that everyone is talking to and this the person who will decide on whatever needs deciding. When this person talks, everyone in the meeting is listening.

Meetings are power struggles between those who want something and those who don’t want to give it to them. If you’re walking into a meeting and you need something, your first job is to identify this person. This person is the reason the meeting is happening and if you don’t know who they are, you’re missing essential subtext. It’s actually pretty easy. Just wait for someone to say something controversial and see who everyone looks at.

There are two major things to be wary of with your Anchor. First, make sure they know their job. For standing meetings with the usual suspects, the role is obvious, but for one-time meetings, you can’t assume The Anchor knows it’s all about them. A clear agenda which anoints The Anchor right out the gate is the best way to make sure everyone knows who the decision maker is.

Second, you’ve got to know what to do when there is no Anchor present. You’re fifteen minutes in and you know the Sr. VP who is actually going to help here is not present. Sure, there are eight other people here that sure like to talk, but the best move is a reschedule. You’re wasting time.

Laptop Larry
Slogan: “Pardon me, what?”

Larry is easy to identify. He’s got his portable in front of him. That’s him right there. If the portable isn’t somehow not enough, just look for lots of intense nodding from Larry… that’s him not listening.

Larry pisses me off. He goes to regularly scheduled meetings that he knows are going to be 75% irrelevant to him, so he brings his portable so he can work. Turns out he doesn’t work because he’s spending half his time half-listening to the meeting proceedings. Go read that last sentence again. He’s not working and he’s not really listening which means he is actually a net negative when it comes to productivity.

Ask Larry to put his portable away. I mean it. If you can’t vivaciously participate in a meeting you were invited to, you should not be there. “Rands Rands Rands… I take notes on my portable.” No, you don’t. You take notes and when I use some proper noun you don’t recognize, you surf Wikipedia. If notes must be taken, designate one person to do it, I want you asking me what the proper noun is… not consulting Wikipedia.

A useful meeting is not a speech; it’s a debate. If I’m up there flapping my lips and you disagree or don’t understand, I don’t want you to nod, I want you to yell at me.

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Really big sound

Everyone knows the white earbuds delivered with the iPod. But have you ever seen speakers which are 500 times the size of the original iPod earbuds? How cool is that!


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Motorola: Sales down a third

rkr While market leader Nokia boosted its revenues by 67% in 2007, the handset sales of Motorola dropped in 2007 by one third. This mainly due to a poor product portfolio where their two cash cows Razr and Rokr models have not been generating enough revenues anymore. Understandable for me, with their antiquated user interface compared to SonyEricsson, Nokia or Samsung… not to mention the UI of the iPhone. As a consequence the appearance of the slim Razr alone is not enough and customers change their handset preferences. Motorola now expressed its indication to develop a fresh product portfolio which is much needed!

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